Duke Robillard

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Blues A Rama

B.B. King

Blues A Rama Lesson 5 is Duke Robillard's tribute to B.B. King. In this lesson, Duke gives you an overview of the Chicago electrified blues with particular focus on B.B. Kings unique sound.  Duke covers how to play the style, the key licks in Duke's solo and also how to get the great B.B. King tone.


Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
B.B. King
Chicago Blues

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Loop 1:46 Breakdown of B.B. King's Style 

Loop 8:10 Run-Through of Blues A Rama B.B. King


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 9:56 Backing Track





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Mike Caren
Mike Caren Oct 30, 2011

Nice find Jason. All fixed.


Jason S
Jason S Oct 29, 2011

Aw man no link yet


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