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Hello Folks,

This week we have a track for you to play along with of my arrangement of Careless Love. So you play the melody in Bb first. Then there are two choruses of guitar solo. You can play mine as taught or improvise your own. Then we modulate to C where the organ solo goes. You can also improvise over those 2 choruses or play rhythm or play the riff I play behind the solo. Then it's on to the last verse in Db where we play the melody an octave higher than the the first chorus, playing lines in between the melody. There are many good lessons to be learned here about arranging, playing melodies, modulation, riffing behind a soloist and soloing.








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Loop 0:00 Overview of Song Structure

Loop 1:04 Jam Track





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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Nov 25, 2020

Hi Duke,
SInce I had my old 67 Mustang out from recording Sonic Shuffle I was looking for another tune to try with it. Careless Love seemed like a perfect fit! I wanted to try all the rhythm parts and try it at a similar BPM (115) that you did on your album so I built up a bass and drum track in iReal. I did the flat tire rhythm and the rhythm part you played behind the keyboard over the modulation to C. I improvised a lead part over that C modulation in place of the keyboard. I also added a third rhythm part with some chord fragments to fill it out. This was a ton of fun. Thanks as always for teaching on SJ!
terryguitar Jan 27, 2019

Hi Duke,

Love it.... cant wait till May!!


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