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Unlimited Access to All Lessons from All Artists

A membership give you access to ALL lessons from ALL Artists. Artists post new lessons to their Artist Hub page on Fridays so you always have something new to work on. You can control which weekly emails you get through your Account Settings.

Personal Feedback

You can get personal feedback directly from an Artist by uploading a video or using the integrated webcam recorder. Feel free to post your video either as a lesson comment or on the appropriate Forum (i.e. Ask Duke for feedback from Duke Robillard).

Loop Points and Custom Looper

Sonic Junction features set loop points and the ability to create custom loop points. Set loop points are right below the video player and allow you to loop a featured riff, chorus or other part of the lesson. To set a custom loop point use the A / B button on the bottom right corner of the video player.

Slow Downer

Slowing down and looping a passage is a great way to learn. You can slow down the video and audio if you use Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox as your web-browser. There are two ways to slow down the video: 1. by selecting the speed in the upper right corner of the video player or 2. by selecting the playback speed next to the set loop points.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can play and pause videos with the spacebar and rewind / fast-forward with the arrow keys. Hitting 1,2,3 ... 9 will rewind and automatically loop the last 1-9 seconds of the video. Q and W will move the loop start point backward (Q) or forward (W) 1 second. O and P will move the loop end point backward (O) or forward (P) 1 second. ESC key will exit the loop.

Contact Us

Finally, please feel free to Contact Us anytime here: http://sonicjunction.com/contact-us

Thanks for visiting us.  We're glad you're here.



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