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Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - Second Chorus Solo

Hello Friends,

This week we will talk about my second chorus of my Johnny Watson section in G. I start off with a signature riff of Johnny's playing a G on the high E string on the third fret while sliding from a F# into a G on the 5th fret on the B string. Playing both strings at the same time and sliding into G on the B string is a great sonic effect and on my example I'm letting the open G string also, which make for a huge sound! Then I do more single string riffs playing some of the bent notes with my teeth. (Which I can no longer afford to do.) I guess I was feeling a bit frisky that day! The rest of the chorus is in Johnny Watson's style without copying him exactly until the final line which I got down to quoting his fabulous final line to finish the chorus. Now get too working on it until you've got it down.





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Loop 0:00 1st and 2nd Chorus Practice Loop Johnny Guitar Watson Style Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:46 Slow Practice Loop of 1st and 2nd Chorus Solo

Loop 5:19 Backing Track





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