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Blues A Rama

Lowell Fulson - Second Chorus Solo

Hello Friends,

This week we work on the 2nd chorus of my Lowell Fulson style solo in Ab. I start the chorus out with the opening riff from solo chorus 2 of Reconsider Baby. The tempo of the track is slower that Reconsider so I suggest you try also playing it a bit quicker by yourself to get that particular groove on. I demonstrate several Lowell slow blues riffs and you should listen to his Chess records "Hung Down Head" album for more ideas on his style. It's one of his heaviest blues albums and that recording has served through the years as an inspiration to me. Songs like "I Want to Know" and "It's All Your Fault" are classic examples of his slow blues style at its best.





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Loop 0:00 1st and 2nd Chorus Practice Loop Lowell Fulson Style Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:46 Slow Practice Loop of 1st and 2nd Chorus Solo

Loop 5:18 Backing Track





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