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Always Be In Love

Soloing Up The Neck

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Always Be In Love > Soloing Up The Neck

Hello Folks,

This week we are working on soloing on "I'll Always Be In Love" higher up the neck for building effect. I demonstrate several examples of how I approach it using simple but swinging lines that are bluesy but swing and fit into the progression. There are many ways to approach this and my take on it is a good starting point. Let's see some videos of your take on this fun song.





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Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 How To Approach Soloing Up The Neck

Loop 2:40 Soloing Up The Neck Example


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 4:08 Closing Thoughts




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Marty Perry
Marty Perry May 21, 2022

Hi Duke,

Here is my take on I'll Always Be In Love With You. I've always loved your solo on the version you did on the Swing CD so I worked on transcribing that as best I could for the A section of the solo and then came up with something for the B section. Thanks for the great lesson, fantastic backing track and any feedback.
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