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Soloing, Lesson 2

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Dream of You > Soloing, Lesson 2

Hello Friends,

It's another week with another lesson on soloing on All I Do is Dream of You. This time I demonstrate more ways to think about soloing here. I play many ideas for you at a slow tempo so you can see and here what I'm doing and show you how to employ double stops, chords and many more melodic ideas that flow perfectly in this song. My next week I hope to hear you playing along with the track and trying out some of your own ideas. I will also do a version where I let you play the melody and I answer you. Then you will solo and after a chorus we will trade 4 and 8 bar segments back and forth.

That should be tons of fun and I can't wait for that! So until then, keep practicing and enjoy!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Duke and Scott Hamilton Playing Intro

Loop 1:46 Slow Breakdown of Solo Ideas

Loop 10:03 Practice Loop of Solo Ideas


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 11:08 Closing Thoughts




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