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This week we are going to learn to play the melody and variations of it to "How Long." Starting with the simplest form of the vocal line then slowly embellishing the melody plus lines added to and around the melody making it more interesting and a bit like a vocalist adding their twist on it. We will also learn chordal possibilities to spice up the arrangement and I will talk about adding chords to a simple song like this. I demonstrate many different turn arounds and way of approaching the song.

Enjoy, Duke Robillard 

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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loop @ 2:55  first part of the melody 

$1./6 /6 | 6 $2.9 | 7 8 $1.6 $4.8 | $3.8^ 8 6 $4.8 |

loop @ 3:55  second part of the melody 

$3./7.$2./6 $4.8 | 6^ $5.8 | $3.8 8 6 $4.8 $3.6 $4.8 | 6 $5.8 |

Please note that Duke plays variations on it each time.


loop @ 4:23 run through


loop @ 6:28 turnaround 

%X/X.X/X.8/3.7/2.6/1.X/X[Bb] %X/X.X/X.6/1.7/2.6/1.X/X[Bb7] %X/X.X/X.5/1.6/2.6/3.X/X[Bb9] %X/X.X/X.4/2.3/1.4/3.X/X[Ebmin]
%X/X.X/X.3/1.3/1.3/1.X/X[Bb] %9/2.X/X.8/1.9/3.X/X.X/X[Ab7] %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.X/X.X/X[F7]



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alberto sanchez
alberto sanchez Apr 12, 2020

Hi Duke,

I recorded a loop of the rythm section and played the melody above...but sometimes the turnarounds don´t fix because of the variations on the chords resolutions.. greetings from Spain, great lessons


Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder May 02, 2014

Hi Duke

Thanks again for the positive feedback. The guitar on my last lesson is my L5 Wes. It's kind of special. I am not the kind to collect guitars. Each has to have a place on stage. Thing is the L5 is not the typical tavern/beer joint guitar which forms the bulk of my engagments. Here i'll stick to my mjt jazzmaster/strat/tele or 335 which i really like. I have only had the chance to use the L5 live - a fund raiser. I am hoping to get more oppurtunities as I like that the guitar forces me to disipline my playing.   



Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Apr 30, 2014

Hey Duke

We'll moving right along, after your positive reinforcement from lesson 1 i thought i'd continue with this song. Looking forward to the next chance to finish the song and move on to what looks like some really neat stuff like Eddie Taylor.

Comments welcome



Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 01, 2014

Really nice job Steve! I like the vibrato added to it. Is that a Gibson oir Epi Elitist? Duke

Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Apr 30, 2014


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 18, 2013

Thank you Steve! Duke

Steve95 Feb 15, 2013

You are golden man. Fantastic lessons!

God bless.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Dec 09, 2011


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Dec 06, 2011

sounds good Mike! It's simple but melodic.....

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Dec 05, 2011

Love that turnaround Duke!  Thank you.


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