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Hi Friends,

This week we have the track to play along with for Floyd's Guitar Blues. I feel we laid down a nice groove for you to play over here and I'm looking forward to hearing you all play the tune. Now it's time for me to go find the next tune for us to work on.





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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Floyd's Guitar Blues

Loop 3:19 Jam Track





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 03, 2019

Sound great Charlie. It kinda sounds cool with the distortion. More like the original Floyd Smith steel sound! 

charlie Mar 05, 2019

: ) thanks for the Houston Person album tip, just arrived today. How about a lesson on Billy Butler's take of 'Hard Times'?

charlie Mar 02, 2019

Thanks for another wonderful series of lessons! Here's my cut. Comes with some tiny embelishments and a few mistakes (but I know what they are and am working on them - if I waited for perfection before I posted then I'd never post! ; )


PS forgive the distorted tone - just my 175 thru a little Fender Champion 600, but right next to the mic when I cut this

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