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The Song Is Ended

A Section Rhythm

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The Song Is Ended > A Section Rhythm

We're re-issuing one of Duke's most popular lessons with new sheet music, re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Duke: 

Hello Folks, This week I am helped out by my friend, jazz guitarist and teacher, Paul Kolesnikow. Paul and I have played together a lot and are on quite a few albums together. We are working on the Irving Berlin classic "The Song is Ended" from my "Swingin' Session" CD. Here Paul breaks down the chords into two sets of voicing for the first A section. The lower chords that I would normally play and a set of the same chords voiced higher that can be played with the lower voicings or played as a alternative and also used to build up the excitement by going from low to high. Next week we will continue with Paul teaching the chording to the rest of the song and more alternative voicings and a rhumba bridge that is in my arrangement if the tune.

Enjoy! Duke



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 A Swinging Session - Pick Up a Copy at Amazon

Loop 1:48 Duke Intro

Loop 2:08 Breakdown A Section (Song is A A B A)

Loop 7:40 Run-Through of First Two A Sections


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:55 Breakdown of Lower Voicing A Section

Loop 9:50 Run-Through of First Two A Sections with Lower Voicings

Loop 12:35 Closing Thoughts




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bernard Glorian
bernard Glorian May 29, 2022


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