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Hi Folks, this week we end the "Fishnet" lesson with more solo ideas and the ending. I teach a few Buddy Guy type licks then also show how some Kenny Burrell style riffs really nicely in this groove. It's important to remember that you can employ a swing feel over the top of a groove like this. If fact 60s soul Jazz was all about that. I also demonstrate how you can play Albert King style licks over this and how they work well up high. I give away many of my signature licks here and my "In Crowd" lick is a good example. Using the high E string as the root note here (on G) and the third string playing the 4 b5 and 5 you can make some really cool sounds, in this case a quote from the "In Crowd." I also teach a method of signaling your band mate an ending and demonstrate how I end "Fishnet" live by playing the decending 13th chords and retarding them from the Bb13 down which is another way to end a song. All in all you are getting an awful lot of my musical ideas here on this tune so eat em' up and send me some videos! And Remember, my point here is to give you some good tools to develop your own style of bluesy playing. I demonstrate the best of what I have developed in my playing over the past 50 years here at Sonic-Junction and I hope it helps you become a better player and have fun along the way. Enjoy, Duke

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Duke Robillard

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Background listening Ramsey Lewis Trio: In Crowd

loop @ 0:00 Fishnet ending

loop @ 1:47 review & approach to ending the tune

loop @ 4:20 Buddy Guy & Kenny Burrell style riff #1

$4.17.$1.15 $3.15.$1.15 $3.17.$1.15 $3./18.$1.15 $4.17.$1.15 $3.17.$1.15 $4.17.$1.15 $3.15.$1.15 $4.17.$1.15 |

loop @ 5:14 Buddy Guy & Kenny Burrell style riff #2

$2.18^vp15 $1. $2.18^ $1. $1. $1. $2.15 $1.15 | $1.18^ $1. $1.18 $1. $1.15 $2.15 $3.18p17 $3.15 $3.17 $4.17 |
$3.15.$1.15 $3.17.$1.15 $3./18.$1.15 $1. $3.p17.$1.15 $1. $3.p17.$1.15 $1. $3.15.$1.15 $4.17p15 $5.17 | $3.17.$2.17 $1. $3.15.$2.15 $1. $1. $4.17 $1. $4.h17 |

loop @ 5:25 In Crowd riff

$1. $1. $3./18.$1.15 $3.17p15.$1.15 $4.17 $3.15.$1.15 $1. $3.17.$1.15 $1. $1. | $1. $1. $3./18.$1.15 $3.17p15.$1.15 $4.17 $3.15.$1.15 $1. $4.17 $1. $4.17p15 |
$1. $1. $3./18.$1.15 $3.17p15.$1.15 $4.17 $3.15.$1.15 $1. $3.17.$1.15 $1. $1. | $1. $1. $3./18.$1.15 $3.17p15.$1.15 $4.17 $3.15.$1.15 $1. $4.17 $1. $4.17p15 |

loop @ 5:45 additional riff ideas

loop @ 6:10 Albert King style bends

loop @ 6:58 repeated riff and end of the song

$5.3 $5.5 | $6.3 $1. $4./5.$3./7.$2./6 $1. $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $1. $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $3.5.$2.5 $3.3.$2.3 $4.5p3 $5.5 | $6.3 $4./5.$3./7.$2./6 $1. $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $1. $4.5.$3.7.$2.6 $3.5.$2.5 $1. $1. $5.3 $5.5 |




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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jan 28, 2022

Hi Duke,

Here's my re-take on Fishnet, It was fun to revist this tune. As always thanks for the lesson and any feedback.


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 27, 2015

Hi Marty, Great playing there! Some real nice funky stuff utilizing a lot of different techniques. Very GOOD! Duke

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Nov 27, 2015

Thanks for the feedback Duke!

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Nov 26, 2015

Hi Duke, Here's something I put together while the turkey was cooking..

I played along with you for the first chorus did some chord fills for the second then improvised a solo based on some of the ideas you presented. 

Thanks for the lesson, have a great Thanksgiving!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 06, 2013

Hi Scott, I'm using a Roland 30 watt cube. But what you are saying is probably not the amp but the balance of the pickups or the pickups themseleves. Try lowering the bass side of the pickups a lot. For the neck pickup you can really bury the bass side and the low end will still be there but not so muddy. If its still muddy try new pickups like Seymour Duncan 59s or Duncan Seth Lovers. they are lower output and will be less muddy. Duke 

Scott Nowlan
Scott Nowlan Jul 05, 2013

Duke, I play a Korean made Epi Sheridan.  It's actually a relatively new experience for me as I played strats mostly and acoustic. 

This may be a left field question, but I find lots of amps that just don't take it very well.  Ends up muddy from the humbuckers.  What are you playing through in these lessons?  Any suggestions ?

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jul 05, 2013

Hi Duke ... I love the "In Crowd" quote.  Learning about these classic tunes and how you draw inspiration and ideas from them is priceless to me.  Thanks so much.

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