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Blues A Rama

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson - First Chorus Solo

Hello Folks,

This week I am reviewing my first chorus of the Johnny Watson section of my Bluesarama solo. I pretty accurately reproduce Johnny's solo here and notice how I obtain the sound. I am using my thumb and first finger to pop and pull the notes out of the guitar. I'm not sure which fingers Johnny used exactly, seeing I learned his style way before the advent of internet and YouTube, I found my own way to make those sounds by imagining how he would play it. Also pulling on the G string and bending the note up and down and that strong pull on the string gives it a long sustain while bending. I always loved the percussive pop in his playing so I figured a way to get it. There are also some double stops here. The percussive effect is made more dramatic by cutting some of the notes short after popping them with my first finger. Its an addictive sound and so much fun to play. This chorus is pretty close to Johnny's first chorus on the original version of Three Hours Past Midnight.





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Loop 1:46 Breakdown of Johnny Guitar Watson's Style 

Loop 5:25 Run-Through of Blues A Rama Johnny Guitar Watson


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Loop 7:12 Backing Track




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