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Hello Folks,

This week we are finishing up my version of Down Along The Cove. We are working on the instrumental outro after the last vocal verse. I go out by riffing on some bent repeated double stops then switch to some single string lines starting from the high strings and working way down to the low A and E strings. I riff out on a low E and A string as the song fades. You should have fun with this one.





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Loop 0:00 Outro from Guitar Groove A Rama


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Loop 0:38 Breakdown of Rockabilly Outro Riffs

Loop 7:30 Outro Riffs Practice Loop

Loop 8:33 Closing Thoughts




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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Aug 21, 2022

Hi Duke,

Here's my run at Down Along The Cove. I had a great time learning this tune. The lessons were spot on helping to learn how to play your great arrangement with all those cool Rockabilly licks. I did this as a play through on top of the CD track so that was a fun challenge to try to play along with you. Thanks so much for the lesson and any feedback.
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