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Hello Folks,

This week we are learning the melody to All I Do is Dream of You. It's a great song with a simple but beautiful melody. The way the chords move under the melody is part of why it sounds so great. As most simply melody's go, they're often easy but not always easy to play well and make sound great. Grace notes, slurs, trills and little embellishments help to make it flow smoothly as if it was sung. So learn the melody and next week we will have a track to play along with as we start working on soloing.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Duke and Scott Hamilton Playing Intro

Loop 3:33 Practice Loop of Intro


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 4:44 Intro Breakdown

Loop 13:45 Closing Thoughts




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charlie Jul 31, 2021

Beautiful! Thanks Duke. What I LOVE about your lessons is how we can jump from Jimmy Reed to Doris Day and it's all GREAT music. 

PS there's a great Dean Martin version of this, but I'll work from the Doris version : )

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jul 30, 2021

Hi Mike, It looks like wrong chart got attached to this lesson. 

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jul 31, 2021

Hi Marty -- thanks!  You're right.  All fixed and enjoy Duke.

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