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Romance in the Dark

Intro & Fills

Hi Folks, This week we are starting the lead guitar parts for "Romance in the Dark" remember the lead track has to be subtle and swinging to fit the vibe of the track. This week we learn the introduction and also the guitar riffs and chords that work behind the vocal. So dig in and send me some videos for me to hear of you playing. Remember you are backing a vocalist here so be aware of that.

Enjoy, Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Romance in the Dark
32 Bar Blues
Lil Green
Big Bill Broonzy
Sunny Crownover

Backing Track

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 Romance in the Dark background listening: Lil Green & Dinah Washington

loop @ 0:00 Duke with Sunny Crownover (note: track starts with the turnaround played twice)

loop @ 1:34 intro breakdown

$4.7 $3./6 $2.5 $2.7 $2.7^ $2.5 $2.7 | $2.5 $1.8^ $1.8^ $1.5 $2.5 $3.\7.$2.\7 $3.h6.$2.5 $4.7 $5.7 |
$4.7 $3./6 $2.5 $2.7^ $2.7 $2.5 | $4.7 $3.8.$2.5 $3.8.$2.5 $3.\7.$2.\7 $3.h6.$2.5 $4.7 $5.7 |

loop @ 7:32 intro run-through (2 times)

loop @ 8:22 breakdown of 1st chorus fills

$3./6 $1.5 $3./5 $1.4 | $3./4 $1.3 $4.5.$3.6.$2.7 | $4.4.$3.4.$2.3.$1.5 $4.4.$3.4.$2.3.$1.5 | $4./9.$3./10 $4./9.$3./10 $6.10 $4./9.$3./10 $4./9.$3./10 |
$6.5.$4.4.$3.6.$2.5 $6.5.$4.4.$3.6.$2.5 $4.8.$3.9 $4.8.$3.9 | $6.7.$4.7h8.$3.7 $6.7.$4.7h8.$3.7 $4.6.$3.7 $4.6.$3.7 | $6.5.$4.4.$3.6.$2.5 $4.7 $3./6 $2.5 $2.7 $2.7^ $2.5 $2.7 | $2.5 $1.8^ $1.8^ $1.5 $2.5 $3./8.$2./8 $3.7.$2.7 $3.h6.$2.5 $5.7 |

loop @ 12:23 full chorus run-through of fills

loop @ 13:05 closing thoughts & next lessons


Backing track with vocal by Sonny Crownover





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 15, 2014

Hi Charlie, Thanks man! It's great to see people are getting into the older tunes! Thanks, Duke 

charlie Sep 15, 2014

Just catching up on these lessons (only found SJ a month or so ago -  what a find!) I LOVE this track - just got 'Tales from the Tiki Louge' today, can't say how much i love it. Great, GREAT work Duke, you are just an awesome player and musicologist. Thanks so much for what you're doing for the music!

Frank Sellman
Frank Sellman Feb 16, 2014


I hope you are feeling better and your hand heals soon. Looking forward to your guest teachers lessons in the mean time.  I've been working on this lesson on and off since you posted it last year. I still get lost in the changes at times, but it has taught me a lot and I never get tired of playing this type of music. I want to get better when I solo on this tune at knowing what notes to play over the 3-6-2-5 changes. I rely on the blues scale and feel but I don't have a toin of confidence. What is the best way to make progress on that?

Best,  Frank

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 11, 2013

Hey Pops, sounding great on both rhythm and soloing. The intro sounds good. You should try using double stops a few places. That something I hope a lot of the students get into. It can really class up some lines and can sound harder than they actually are! Good work, Duke

Pops Apr 11, 2013

Hey Again, Duke -

Tryin' to get into these fills.  Love the rolling feel you get but that's gonna take some miles yet...

Having to remind myself to keep the bends minimal.  I like your thought about imagining those old

stiff wires back in the early days.  Pops

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Apr 01, 2013

@Duke...here's my video...I'm tryin to avoid to use the pick as I don't fill very comfortable with it...:) 

Tom K.
Tom K. Mar 31, 2013

Nice fills . Thanks Duke .

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 31, 2013

You're very welcome Steve.

Steve Marinak
Steve Marinak Mar 30, 2013

Really Great stuff! Thanks for all the video lessons Duke.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 30, 2013

Thanks Mike!

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Mar 29, 2013

Thanks Duke. Pure beauty. Both the intro and the fills.  I just love those chord fragments, horn riffs and little hammer on for the rhythm.  It's those little nuggets ... and seeing them fit together that's so nice.  This is a great tune and series.  Thanks so much.  

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