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Slow Chicago Blues

Intro and Rhythm

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Slow Chicago Blues > Intro and Rhythm

Hello Friends,

This week we start a new tune. John Lee Williamson's tune, reworked by Junior Wells and Buddy Guy. I'm talking about "Early In The Morning" which is one of the coolest blues grooves ever. Although it is technically a "harp" song it works well for guitar also. And if course Buddy's playing is sparse and amazing on this track. This week we learn the basic riff he employs on it and some variations on it. It promises to be a fun song to play.






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Chicago Blues

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Loop 0:00 Backing Track

Loop 12:04 Practice Loop of Intro and Rhythm


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Loop 13:25 Closing Thoughts





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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jul 14, 2018

I have the old Delmark vinyl with Buddy listed as "Friendly Chap". It is amazing how even a flub sounds bluesy when played by Buddy Guy. That was really interesting to see that Dom 7 chord shape that you said was used heavily in Chicago blues playing. Are there some other things you could talk about that help to define the Chicago blues playing style that differentiate it from (for example) T-Bone Walker/Texas blues playing? Would you say that the Chicago sound was defined by Muddy Waters? I remember Muddy used a form of that Dom 7 chord on the V7 in "Gypsy Woman", but he was playing to low E open. Thanks Duke! 

charlie Jul 14, 2018

Great stuff Duke! Love this track. 'Hoodoo Man' and 'It's My Life Baby' are some of the coolest sounds there are. Bad week for my Strat to be in for repair! ; )

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