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Hello Folks,

This week We are starting on one of my favorite slow blues songs by Freddy King. This is not one of his most well known songs but I've always felt one of his best slow blues. Use What You Got is one of his Federal singles from the 60s and he is backed by, I've been told, Lonnie Mack's band on it. Early on in my career, in fact as long as 45 years ago I found the 45 and decided it would be a staple of my slow blues stable and it has remained an important vehicle for me ever since. It has many interesting points from the lyrics to the stop time choruses and solo that make it distintive.

The rhythm guitar itself is distintive and is what we concentrate on first here. So let's get that down first then go on to the great lead guitar intro, fills and solo for it.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Freddie King
Slow Blues
Use What You Got

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Use What You Got from Living with the Blues

Loop 3:28 Introduction to the Song

Loop 7:48 Rhythm Breakdown

Loop 19:15 Practice Loop


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 24:00 Closing Thoughts 





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 27, 2016

Thanks Thomas, I appreciate it! Duke 

Thomas Washington
Thomas Washington Feb 13, 2016

What a blast, Duke. The lessons are an education every week--as much if not more to be said for your choice of the artist (and blues number) as the lesson itself. 

Thank you! 


Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Feb 12, 2016

Hey Duke! Here, "for educational purposes only" is the Freddie King version of "Use What You've Got" from the excellent "Complete King Federal Singles" set. Great tune! Thanks, Bruce


clive whelan
clive whelan Feb 17, 2016

Good one Bruce, Freddy King and Dukes  both good versions of this song  worth learning. Thanks for uploading.


Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Feb 17, 2016

My pleasure, Clive. The 2 CD set is well worth owning. I was listening to it today, and almost every track is killer.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 27, 2016

Thanks for posting this Bruce, It's been years!!! Duke

Thomas Washington
Thomas Washington Feb 27, 2016

Thank you the 2 DC Federal set recommendation, Bruce. Received it earlier this week--just as you said--killer. 



Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Mar 07, 2016

My pleasure, Peter! Use it in good health, as my grandmother used to say. ;-) 

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