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This is the tenth lesson of Duke Robillard's Swingin' the Blues series of swing guitar lessons. Lesson 10 is a double lesson focused on learning both the rhythm and lead parts to Moten Swing. In this lesson, Duke gives a general overview of soloing in jazzy blues, avoiding minor pentatonic scale on the I chord, using the "old style" swing-scale pattern, double stops, solo riffs based on tones of passing chords and playing over the II to V change.


Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
jazzy blues
Swing Guitar

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Loop 1:58 Breakdown of Moten Swing

Loop 3:41 Chord Practice Example


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 12:17 Double Stops Practice Example

Loop 15:51 Practice Example 3

Loop 17:16 Bass Jam Track for Chord Practice Example

Loop 19:38 Bass Jam Track for Double Stops Practice Example

Loop 21:07 Bass Jam Track for Practice 3





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Alan Day
Alan Day Mar 29, 2014

Great lesson, pitched at just the right level.

Would it be possible to have notation as well for the solo stuff?


Sunny Ali Yenen
Sunny Ali Yenen Mar 24, 2013

I think on page 7 and 15 F7 should be Eb7 on sheet.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Oct 19, 2011

Hi Duke .. I enjoyed this lesson a lot.  Especially the 3rd practice track.

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