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Floyd's Guitar Blues

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Floyd's Guitar Blues > Intro Breakdown

Hello Folks,

This week we are starting a great blues originally recorded by Andy Kirk and his Clouds of Joy with Floyd Smith on electric steel guitar. Electric guitar was in it's infancy and the year was 1936. This song is often considered the first recorded electric guitar solo. Fast forward to the 1950s..... Bill Doggett recorded Floyd's Guitar Blues with the fabulous Billy Butler playing the tune on a standard Spanish style guitar capturing the vibe of the original big band version with an organ combo. This is the version we are going to learn and it's a classic! Beautiful melody and timeless blues that's a must followers of the history of electric guitar. Of course we starting the rhythm guitar part then next week we did into the lead guitar! Gonna be a fun one.








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stevieboy Feb 02, 2019

More coolness from Duke!  I have a longer version of Pee Wee Crayton's Blues After Hours, well I have three or four, but this one is very much like the short one that Duke taught here a while back which I guess is the orignal version, with a couple of more versus.  One of the verses is almost exactly like the first chorus of this one.  Not sure the date.  

Found this, it isn't the version I have, but he plays it here too.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs1Gv6GFAqE

charlie Feb 02, 2019

Oh my God! THANK YOU!  One of my absolute favourites. This is what makes something junction so great. Thanks again Duke!

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