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Hi Folks, This week we start on T-Bone Walker style slow blues. On our first lesson I discuss and demonstrate the elements that make up T-Bones style like, the chords he plays, his picking technique, phrasing and double timing etc. I teach the chord forms he uses some signature chords and licks and more. Some Stormy Monday licks and the introduction to his original version also.

Enjoy, Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
texas blues
Duke Robillard
texas blues
T Bone Walker
Stormy Monday

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loop @ 0:57 T Bone Walker chords

%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] %X/X.5/3.4/2.3/1.3/1.X/X[Daug] %5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.7/4.7/4[D13]


loop @ 2:46 T Bone Walker picking technique

loop @ 4:20 Stormy Monday breakdown

loop @ 6:26 Stormy Monday chords run through

$6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6. 5.$4.4.$3.5.$2.5 | $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6.6.$4.5.$3.6.$2.6 $6. 5.$4.4.$3.5.$2.5 $5./3.$4./4.$3./3.$2./4 |
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / | %3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.3/3[C9] / / / |
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / | %X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / |
%3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.3/3[C9] / / / | %3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.3/3[C9] / / / |
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / | %X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / |
%5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.5/3.5/3[D9] / / / | %5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.5/3.5/3[D9] / / / |
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] %3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.3/3[C9] %X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] %5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.5/3.5/3[D9]


loop @ 8:22 intro and solo riffs #1


loop @ 9:41 intro and solo riffs #2


T Bone Walker Playing Stormy Monday in G# (one fret higher than the lesson)



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Len Probert
Len Probert Aug 03, 2016

Maybe I'm being a little dense here, but is the Eb9 fingering the same as the C9 fingering or the G9 fingering?

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 05, 2015

Thanks Chris, I'm happy you are enjoying my lessons. Duke

Chris May 02, 2015

awesome,, thanks Duke.


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 20, 2014

I have a version of Stormy Monday I recorded with Romful of Blues in the 70s if that will help? Duke

Richard May 20, 2014

Hi Duke, just wanted to point out a typo. The fingering on the D13 chord has the first finger being used on the 7th fret. I believe it should be the 4th.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren May 20, 2014

Hi Richard --- great catch!  You're absolutely right.  I've updated the fingering.  Thanks for letting us know.

Christopher Dutton
Christopher Dutton Dec 30, 2012

Hi Duke, i am stiil not shure where to start with this whole way of learning iam excited though thanks Chris.


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 16, 2012

Hi Peter, Yes, you have the turn around and the 5 change correct. enjoy! Duke 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 25, 2012

daddyray, yes I did throw in a Blues after hours lick mistakenly. BUSTED! Pee wee Crayton was such a disciple of T-Bone that I sometimes mix their licks up. Shame on me! Duke 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 25, 2012

Hey Mike glad you are digging it! Duke

Mike Caren
Mike Caren May 24, 2012

Hi Duke .. love the lesson!  I've always messed around with this song, but never got it.  Now I do!

@Daddyray .. funny, I heard some of those Blues After Hours licks too.  I felt like this week was a big one for me as I'm starting to really hear Duke's playing at a deeper level ... and it's becoming more familiar to me.  It's cool !!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 24, 2012

daddyray, Thank you, That stretch on the 13th chord can be a bit tough on a long scale guitar that's for sure. Duke 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 24, 2012

Thanks Rick, T-Bone is my man. Enjoy the lessons 

daddyray (robbie)
daddyray (robbie) May 24, 2012

cool..thanks Duke, I can grab me some licks offa this one. I caught the licks outta Blues After Hours in there. I want to get my time right for the pinkie lick (6:56)..I can sort of squish that and I want it in hand and carefree... Imperial records!!

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