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Hello Friends,

This week we are learning to solo on Avalon. The changes in many parts of this tune are four bars to each chord so it gives you plenty of space to learn to play over the changes at a swift tempo. I give many examples of parts here you can work off of consisting of four measure segments. In this way Avalon is fairly different, and I feel, makes it a really a fun song to play. The structure gives time to think about the components of swing. The rhythm, melody, harmony and syncopation. I discuss the elements that give it the swing feel here and demonstrate it the lines I use to solo. You should have lots of fun with this one!






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Benny Goodman
Herb Ellis

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Loop 0:00 Duke and Herb Ellis Playing Avalon

Loop 1:20 Breakdown Solo

Loop 23:26 Practice Loop of Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 24:30 Closing Thoughts






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Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Apr 24, 2017

Hi Duke

Are you thinking of the backing chords while inprovising?

As a blues player, I  never think of the backing chords. I just  concertrate on melody and  play from the heart - leaving my head out of it.  

I recall from my limited instruction years ago, i know we have to be aware of key changes.




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