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Improvisation and Soloing

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Hello Friends this week we are working on soloing on Robbin's Nest. I display many riffs and ideas for playing on this tune and give you a lot of choices plus a transcribed solo to learn. If you try learning all of these examples then learn the transcribed solo you will have a lot to work with for starting your own improvising on this song.

Good luck and enjoy!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Swing Guitar

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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Solo and Improvisation Ideas

Loop 11:40 Practice Loop of Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF






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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Sep 30, 2018

Hey Duke! I wanted to run this by you to see if I've got the timing correct in the bridge. I'm playing the rhythm as indicated in the score on the first lesson, so hopefully he transcribed it correctly. This tune has been a lot of fun to work on and really pushed me in great new ways. Looking forward to hearing the track and will do another version with it. Thanks for the great lesson! Bruce

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