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3 Hours Past Midnight

Chords and Intro

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3 Hours Past Midnight > Chords and Intro

This month we are working on Johnny Guitar Watson's 3 Hours Past Midnight. I spend a brief time demonstrating the chords the we go on to the introduction which starts on the 4 chord. I explain how Johnny got his snappy sound and demonstrate the technique. Then we go over the introduction with the lead guitar and a brief example of how to play behind the vocal.Next week we will dig into the solo folks. Enjoy, Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
3 Hours Past Midnight
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson

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Background listening: Three Hours Past Midnight

loop @ 3:53 chords

%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / %3/1.X/X.3/2.4/3.4/4.X/X[G7#5]
%3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.X/X[C9] / / /
%3/T.X/X.3/1.4/2.X/X.X/X[G7] / / /
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / %4/2.X/X.3/1.4/3.4/3.X/X[C#9]
%3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.X/X[C9] / / / / / / /
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / / / / / / %6/2.X/X.5/1.6/3.6/3.X/X[D#9]
%5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.5/3.X/X[D9] / / %4/2.X/X.3/1.4/3.4/3.X/X[C#9]
%3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.X/X[C9] / / /
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / %3/2.X/X.2/1.3/3.3/3.X/X[C9] /
%X/X.2/1.3/3.2/2.3/4.X/X[G9] / %6/2.X/X.5/1.6/3.6/3.X/X[D#9] %5/2.X/X.4/1.5/3.5/3.X/X[D9]

loop @ 9:03 intro run-through

$1.6^ 6^ 6^ 6^ 3 $2.6p 3 $3.5^ 5 3 | $4.5 $3.3 5 5^ $1.3 $3.5^ $1.3 $3.5^v 3 $4.5 5 |




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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 07, 2013

Great Scott, Glad to help. Thanks, Duke 

Scott Nowlan
Scott Nowlan Sep 07, 2013

Will do, Duke.  This works!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Oct 10, 2012

Hi Mototeam, The ES-125 C sounds great. Glad you are enjoying the lessons. Duke

mototeam Oct 07, 2012



thanks so much

dom from france

ps i just by a 125 tdc gibson  so merveillous


Vince White
Vince White Oct 06, 2012

great stuff, jimmie vaughan was nailing a buncha johnny guitar watson licks at our gig last week, me and my hardcore blues loving students were in the table after my set up-front watching him work it with that shubb capo on the strat lol

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 30, 2012

Yes daddyray, I remember reading that also many years ago. Duke

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 30, 2012

Hi Bob, Actually, That's my brother Gerry's artwork. He's a fabulous artist and has been doing it as long as I have been playing guitar.

wobbly_bob Sep 28, 2012

Duke I notice that you have signed the guitar.  Did you paint the beautiful beach scene yourself???

daddyray (robbie)
daddyray (robbie) Sep 28, 2012

Frank Zappa's favorite song! thanks Duke.

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