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Same Old Blues

Rhythm Breakdown

We're re-issuing one of Duke's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Duke:

We are starting off the new year with a great blues song by Little Milton. It' call the "Same Old Blues". It's been covered by Magic Sam and Freddy King and probably many more. It's a classic blues shuffle with a really great guitar intro chorus by Milton. This week we learn the rhythm and the horn line during the vocal which sounds great with double stops on the guitar. It's in Ab which is a great guitar key. Next week we learn Milton's fabulous intro chorus. 






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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Loop 0:30 Breakdown of Rhythm Guitar Part

Loop 7:12 Run-Through of Rhythm Guitar with Double Stop Horn Fills


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:22 Backing Up a Solo and Building Tension

Loop 12:57 Closing Thoughts




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stevieboy Aug 03, 2019

Very cool. I've heard Magic Sam's version quite a bit, but don't think I ever heard Milton's--there's always something new to learn, even if it's old! 


Besides the guitar stuff of course, I think I'm gonna learn this one and add it my repertoire of songs I sing (if you can call what I do singing!)

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