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Hi Folks,

This week we learn the melody to Avalon a la Duke. The actual melody is quite a bit simpler than I actually play it but I came up with a rendition that I feel swings nicely on guitar so that's what we are learning. It would be good to listen to as many versions as you can find to get a real feel for the original melody.I came up with my arrangement when I was recording my Conversations in Swing album with Herb Ellis. I am fond of the Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra cool 2 beat arrangement so I do the melody slow then faster to give the song both feels. Benny Goldman's version is a particularly good one to check out. And also we have the special "stripper ending" which goes from the swinging groove to a blusey bump and grind finish which is a nice touch.

Have fun learning it and don't forget to check out of versions for perspective on the melody.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Herb Ellis

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Loop 0:00 Duke and Herb Ellis Playing Avalon

Loop 1:20 Breakdown Melody

Loop 11:13 Practice Loop of Melody


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 12:06 Inversions and Variations

Loop 13:38 Fast Melody Breakdown

Loop 15:55 Practice Loop of Slow and Fast Melody Together

Loop 17:26 Closing Thoughts






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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Oct 22, 2016

Hey Duke! Always loved this tune. I hope you are going to do a track for this one, it would *really* help a lot. I'm looking forward to the challenge of solo! How's the feel on this? I've never been a particularly strong swing player. Hope you're well! Thanks, Bruce

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