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Jazzy Blues Comping and Chord Melody

Lesson 5

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Hello Folks,

This weeks lesson follows the jump blues soloing theme but in this chorus we go up to the next position and learn a chorus of swinging style blues an octave about the last verse, building up to a conclusion. Try jumping around in different positions with these riffs and work on making up your own solo incorporating these riffs and position playing.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
jazzy blues

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Loop 0:00 Breakdown of Jazzy Blues Soloing

Loop 13:07 Practice Loop of Jazzy Blues Soloing


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 14:17 Closing Thoughts





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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jul 04, 2021

Per Mark's request here is my backing track for "Duke's Garage Sale." I made this in iReal and added the rhythm guitar part. Enjoy!


Mark Jul 03, 2021

Is there a backing track for these lessons ? 

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jul 04, 2021

Hi Mark, As far as I know there was no backing track for this lesson. I'd be happy to post the one I made if you think it would be useful.


Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jun 26, 2021

Hi Duke,

Here's my take on your "garage sale" of jazzy blues ideas. I made an up tempo backing track in iReal and added the rhythm guitar part. I made up a simple head and then used the ideas you showed to build up a solo section. I added a few choruses of my own near the end of the solo. This was great fun. Thanks for the lesson. 
Mark Jun 27, 2021

Sounds great Marty !

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jun 29, 2021

Thanks Mark!

Mark Jul 04, 2021

Yes please post your backing track-Thanks

Mark Jun 17, 2021

Love this !!!!

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