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Going Down Slow

Run-Through and First Chorus Breakdown

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Going Down Slow > Run-Through and First Chorus Breakdown

Hello Folks,

This week we start a new classic blues. None other than Saint Louis Jimmy Oden's "Going Down Slow." I can think of few other blues songs that have been so often recorded. My Favorite version is by the author himself because of it's stark simplicity. Of course Howlin' Wolf version with Willie Dixon's spoken intro and Hubert Sumlin's incredible guitar is as far as I can tell the most emotional reading ever. All the same I chose to arrange it for acoustic guitar reflecting the simplicity of the original version. I chose the key of A for my rendition and keep it harmonically and technically simple and I hope you have fun learning my arrangement.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Going Down Slow


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Loop 4:18 Breakdown of First Verse

Loop 19:26 Closing Thoughts





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Big Al
Big Al Apr 27, 2021

not sure there's a better slow blues and I truly can't wait to learn it, gotta nominate the Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown version from Can't stop Blowin'  for the best ever. Well ok - maybe tied with the howlin wolf version with Eric Clapton. Can't find that one on apple Music but it's on YouTube here https://youtube.com/watch?v=u6sBWSSx934&feature=share thatchannel is an amazing archive of blues incidentally 

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jun 11, 2017

Hey Duke! Thanks for singing! I've always loved your voice and hearing the interplay you employ between your playing and singing. It's very helpful, as well as very enjoyable to watch you make that happen, so thanks again for doing it!

So I was trying to do a version like yours, which sounds kind of like Muddy's "Gypsy Woman" to me, but then I felt like doing something else, so here it is. Would love to hear any thoughts on it. Best, Bruce

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jun 15, 2017

Hey Bruce, I love it. That's a good way to play it and it's got the right laid back feel. Good playing and singing on it too! Duke  

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jun 15, 2017

Thanks a lot, Duke!! Bruce

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