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Hi Folks,

This we are starting a new tune. And a great one it is! We are crossing over into that great period when swing era jazz met and fell in love with the blues and spawned a new music called Rhythm and Blues. This blues, "Blue Harlem" by Tiny Grimes and souful tenor saxophoist Ike Quebec came as a precursor to the R&B crazy that started with the advent of Louis Jordan's popularity just a year or two after this recording. A slow soulful and melodic blues, Blue Harlem stands out as a masterpiece of jazz-blues artistry unlike anything before it (or after). Tiny's use of an electric tenor 4 string guitar is responsible for part of it. He was also a stylist that shaped his own style and sound out of the inspiration that Charlie Christian had initally given the world. Tiny's use of sustain was the first sign of what could be done with the newly developed electric guitar. We will learn this classic note for note as it a perfect example of blues guitar a la 1944.





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texas blues
Duke Robillard
tiny grimes
blue harlem

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Loop 1:06 Introduction to Blue Harlem and Tiny Grimes

Loop 3:21 Breakdown of Chords

Loop 3:56 Practice Loop of Chords


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Loop 9:24 Closing Thoughts 




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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 21, 2016

Hi Kevin, Welcome to the club! Sounds great glad to have you aboard..... Duke

Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder Mar 22, 2016

Thanks Duke.  I am excited to be here. 

Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder Mar 21, 2016

Great song Duke.  This is my first time posting a video.  Finally worked up the courage.

Kevin Schroeder
Kevin Schroeder Mar 21, 2016

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Mar 20, 2016

Hey Duke! Fabulous tune, looking forward to more! I'm doing my best here to keep the time locked down, but it is hard at these slow tempos.  I wanted to play this on my '41 Epi, but I couldn't play those high chords on that thing.

By the way, I just uploaded a new version of "All Your Love (I Miss Lovin')" and I'd love to hear what you think! It was a shock for me to compare it to my version of the solo lesson from last summer. My confidence has certainly come a long way.

Anyway, thanks again, Duke! 


charlie Mar 18, 2016

Wow - Tiny Grimes!! Thanks for this Duke, can't wait to dig in on this one. 

Tom K.
Tom K. Mar 18, 2016

Nice chords !! Thanks Duke .

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