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Hi Folks,

This week we continue on with Use What You Got working on the solo section. We go thru the solo stop time intro again then continue with some of Freddie's early signature blues licks on slow blues. On the four chord we work between bending the flat third up about a quarter tone to accentuate the blues sound and alternate that with the four, all the time playing with the time, pushing and pulling to really get the blues feeling out of the phrase. When we get back to the one chord I demonstrate several more classic Freddie-isms that can be employed along with your own sense of blues phrasing to help you to learn this bluesmasters signature licks but to also use key riffs in patterning your own solo by using them with your own ideas. That's my secret and most of the blues guitarist you probably listen to. For single string lead guitar, it all started with T-Bone and BB and we've all been building on that since they paved the way.  Post some videos with the track and let me here you slant on it and if you want to sing it, please do!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Freddie King
Use What You Got

Backing Track

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Loop 0:47 Breakdown of Solo Freddie King Style Solo Ideas

Loop 12:14 Example Solo with a Metronome


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 13:14 Closing Thoughts 





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