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Honeysuckle Rose


Hi Folks,

We are learning Honeysuckle Rose this month and for the first lesson we are working through the chords. For this version I chose simple 6th and 7th chords to emphasize the swing feel. My approach is almost always to keep it simple in a swing era tune. The roll of 4/4 rhythm guitar is an extension of the bass and drums to some extent and in this idiom, it's the glue that holds the rhythm section together. In more modern jazz aplications where the piano is using altered chords often the 4/4 guitar style is not suitable because often the simple voicings restrict the harmonic freedom of the piano and/or soloist. But the swing and more traditional approach sounds better with that 4/4 guitar and is my personal preference. The direct rhythmic and hamonic smplicity of this music is very close to the feeling of old style blues and I feel, very inspiring and exciting. So get the feel and the chords happening, send me your audio and videos and then we will learn the melody and start exploring soloing on it.






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Duke Robillard
Swing Guitar
Honeysuckle Rose

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Loop 0:00 Honeysuckle Rose - Duke Robillard, J Geils and Gerry Beaudoin

Loop 2:43 Breakdown of Chords

Loop 4:40 Practice Loop of Chords


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 12:37 Closing Thoughts





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Bernard Parent
Bernard Parent Jun 22, 2016

Hello Duke,

 Is it possible to duplicate the movement we have in bar 20 in bar 24 ?: instead of having C7 C7 C7 C7, trying  C7 F7 C7 C7 ? or is there another substitute for F7 that would work better?

Thanks for taking care, Bernard

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jun 12, 2016

Love this tune. Reminds me of "Sweet Sue Just You", which uses the repeated II-V phrases in the A section. It's a trickier technique than it looks, playing those quick swing strums and keeping them locked in and played nice and evenly.  Anyway, here's my take on it for today. Thanks, Bruce

Tom K.
Tom K. Jun 11, 2016

Wow !!  Smooth !!!  Thanks soooo much Duke .

Bernard Parent
Bernard Parent Jun 11, 2016

Great stuff Duke , is it the same as Benny Goodman & C.C. version? As a side note i thought that Flyin' home was maybe used as the rhythm track for  "Swing to Bop",( Minton's live session). I can't wait till next week!!!





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