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T-Bone Walker in G

2nd Chorus Solo

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T-Bone Walker in G > 2nd Chorus Solo

Hello Folks,

This week I am demonstrating some new T-Bone riffs and ideas on his phrasing and timing. T-Bone's style was rhythmically complex at times. Like the man who used his licks to reform into rock and roll, Chuck Berry's solos also could be much more than what the casual guitarist coping both their styles interpret them to be. So pay attention to T-Bone's timing on his solos and listen to how I explain his timing.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
texas blues

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 2nd Chorus Solo Ideas

Loop 3:10 Practice Loop of Solo Example


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Loop 3:45 Punching Chords and Other Ideas





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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jan 27, 2021

Thanks Duke. That suggestion to think the initial notes in your head, but not to play them is really interesting. I've been practicing that and it's amazing how T-Bone-y it can sound. There's a story I heard once that Mercer Ellington reluctantly showed his Dad some arrangement he was working on. Duke took the score and didn't add or change anything except to cross out big sections of it. He handed it back to Mercer without saying a single word. Mercer said he was so upset that he didn't even look at what Duke had done for weeks. But when he finally looked at it again, he realized how much better it was with those sections removed. So that reminds me of the T-Bone way of playing -- being able to self-edit to keep just what is essential and giving the overall phrase more interesting spaces. 

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