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Hello Friends,

Today we are starting a new tune and although it's not well known its one of my favorites. It's called "Never Mind" By Claude McLin, Chicago tenor sax man. Fun medium tempo groove tune of the highest order with a great melody. It's fun to play over the changes and this week we are learning the changes and rhythm guitar part. It's gonna be a fun one!






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Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Never Mind Melody

Loop 1:44 Breakdown of Never Mind Rhythm and Chords

Loop 11:45 Practice Loop of Never Mind Rhythm and Chords


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 14:42 Closing Thoughts





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Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Mar 15, 2018

Hey Mike or Duke, can someone correct the tab.  Measure 3 should start with a Bb triad (gospel) instead of a Dmi7


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Mar 20, 2018

Hi Peter -- thanks for the feedback.  I think Duke is playing the Dmi7 -- just using the middle strings.  Sometimes what Duke plays during a run-through can be different from what he breaks down as he sub-conciously grabs a different chord variation / chord fragment.  He also will vary the volume of each string too -- like just playing the middle two strings for this chord (at least that's what I hear).   Does that make sense? 

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Mar 20, 2018

Hi Mike, thanks

At 3:25 Duke says he is playing a Bb Triad.  This make sense to me as the chord progression then becomes ... Eb, Bb, Ab, G...

Tom K.
Tom K. Mar 08, 2018

Very nice . Great tune !!  Thanks Duke .

charlie Mar 03, 2018

Great tune. Thanks for introducing me to someone I'd never heard of - can't find this song on iTunes or even YouTube! Looking forward to getting into this one

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