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Too Hot to Handle


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Too Hot to Handle > Soloing

Hi Folks, This week we start working on soloing on "Too Hot to Handle" and I theorize a bunch about concepts for playing this tune and many ideas for playing over a shuffle groove in G. I demonstrate the first six bars of the tune showing how I approach my solo on it and talk about the Gatemouth Brown influence on my playing here. There's a lot of blues infused technique here for you to dig in to. So enjoy and we'll continue next week.

Enjoy, Duke

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Duke Robillard
Too Hot to Handle

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loop 0:18 Artistic Approach

loop 5:28 Breakdown of Solo

loop 13:49 Run-Through of Solo

$1.3 | $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 | $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $1.3 $2./8 $1.3 $2.3.$1.3 |
$2./3.$1./3 $1. $2./3.$1./3 $1. $2./3.$1./3 $1. $2./3.$1./3 $1. $2./3.$1./3 $1. $2./3.$1./3 $1. | $2.3.$1.3h5 $1. $2.3.$1.3h5 $1. $2.3.$1.3h5 $1.3 $2.6 $4.5 $3.3 $3.5 $3.3.$2.3.$1.3 |
$3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 $1. $2.3.$1.3 $1. $2.3.$1.3 $3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 $1. $3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 | $3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $3.5^.$2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $2.3.$1.3 $3.5^v $4.5 $3.3^ $4.5 $4.3 $5.5 |

loop 16:22 2nd Run-Through of Solo

loop 16:42 Closing Thoughts




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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 14, 2014

Thank you very much Steve! Duke

Steve H
Steve H Feb 11, 2014

Cool lesson Duke!


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 06, 2014

Hy Duke! In the soloing, that Delta blues part you're talkin about, really reminds me the intro of JLH's Hobo Blues..but you are tuned in standard tuning, arent' you?!?!

Scott Nowlan
Scott Nowlan Feb 05, 2014

Cool stuff!  Funny, a number of years ago I listened to Gatemouth and though eh.  It was because I was burning with what I thought was the Chicago Blues bug and I was just beginning my deep dive research into those who make/made Blues great.  I have evolved!  Last year, really got into him and wow.  I'm hooked. 

I also saw a YouTube vid of you doing a long solo from years back.  Blew me away.  Actually, one from 2010 did too.  That is Blues artistry.   

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 05, 2014

Alanj, Hi Alan, I know, it's not an easy thing to get the hang of. You just have to keep doing it until it feels right. Playing with a metronome helps. Start slow and slowly increase your speed. That's the best advise I have. Good Luck! Duke 

alanj Feb 04, 2014

Man I can get the rhythm and I can get the lead but the transition throws me way off. I miss every single time transitioning to picking the e and sliding b string and staying in time. Any suggestions besides keep practicing?

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