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Honeysuckle Rose


Hi Folks,

This week we are learning the melody to Honeysuckle Rose. I add a few embelishments to make it more guitaristic. They are minor additions to fill the space and help connect the A sections. Get this down and then we are on to soloing next.

So let's see some videos or audio of you playing the Melody please! This will be a fun song to play!






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Duke Robillard
Honeysuckle Rose

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Melody to Honeysuckle Rose


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:19 Breakdown of Melody

Loop 13:38 Closing Thoughts




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Thomas Washington
Thomas Washington Apr 29, 2017

Duke, it's always intriguing to see you playing an Epiphone. Acquisition syndrome prevails,and although I am playing a Sheraton 11, I always have an eye out for a Gibson ES 335, which I have never actually played. Just wondering if,for my intermediate level of play, I would notice a striking difference between the two guitars. Or, does anyone else in this forum have an opinion on this?


Thank you again for these lessons. There is nothing else like this on the web--first class and one of a kind.


Tom Washington

Bernard Parent
Bernard Parent Jun 22, 2016

Hello Duke,

I found that playing the 1st C note on the G string instead of the B string gives it more substance & "meat" so to speak ( more of a Christian flavour ).But doin' it all in the C chord pattern is also an interesting challenge;  in the same way, playing the  21 / 22 bars progression on the G & D strings ( instead of B & G)seems to give it more "substance".

Keep on with that great job Duke!

  I'm wondering from whom youll take the solo?Shall we have anything from the Nat King Cole Trio one of these days?

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jun 18, 2016

Hey Duke. What a pretty approach to the melody and really fun to play. I wouldn't have thought of those beautiful little ornamentations, but they make the melody sound so guitar-esque! Really brilliant. Thanks for the great lesson! Would love to hear what you think of my take on this. Thanks again, Bruce.

Tom K.
Tom K. Jun 17, 2016

This is really nice . Prime example of  " less is more " . Thanks so much Duke .

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