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Hello Friends,

We are starting a new song this week. It's a song first published in 1934 and featured in the Joan Crawford film Sadie McKee. It was a simple pop tune of the day but became popular enough to be recorded quite a bit over the years by many artists. Both Scott Hamilton and I were fond of it and decided to record it for our new CD, Swingin' Again. It a really fun song to play and we do it in the key of C. As always the chords are first so our first lesson is learning the chord progression and rhythm. Nothing unusual chord wise but lots of 2/5s in the progression. It's an A/B form instead of the most usual A A B A form. The song contains a beautiful uplifting melody that is fun to play. Get the rhythm down this week and next week we will start on the melody.





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Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Chords and Rhythm Breakdown

Loop 10:02 Practice Loop of Chords and Rhythm


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Loop 11:20 Practice Loop of Comping Style Rhythm

Loop 12:30 Closing Thoughts




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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Aug 01, 2021

Hi Duke,

Here's my run at the chords. I did it in a comping style which seems to fit the song well and added some octaves for the intro. I do have a question... I could not make the chords as shown in the chart/ lesson fit the recording. To me it sounds like the 2nd 4 bars of the A sections are a ii-V-I in C (I played Dm7, G7, CMAJ9, CMAJ9). This seemed to fit the tune as recorded. Do I have that right or am I off base. Great tune... will be a lot of fun to learn.
P.S. The Album is great!
charlie Jul 30, 2021

Thanks Duke! What a beauty! Love what you've done with it, can't wait to get deeper into it

Tom K.
Tom K. Jul 26, 2021

Nice.  Thanks Duke. 

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