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This week folks we learn the most classic of all R&B guitar solos. We will attempt the first verse which is deceptively simple. Believe me, to really play this solo correctly takes a lot of right hand control to do all the picking. For me, at my age now it's not so easy anymore but to learn it right, the way Billy Butler played it will certainly be rewarding! Billy's double stops with alternating picking on the 5 and 4 chords is a beautiful thing. Let's have some fun with this one!


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Duke Robillard
Honky Tonk
Billy Butler

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Background listening: Honky Tonk by Bill Doggett

loop @ 1:40 I & IV chord breakdown

loop @ 7:00 I & IV chord slowly

$2.1 $2.2 $2.3 | $1.1 $2.6/ | $1.3^v^v $1.1 $2.3^v $2.1 | $2.3 $3.1h2 | $5.3 |

loop @ 7:28 2nd half of chorus breakdown

loop @ 13:11 2nd half of chorus slowly

$4.10 $3.7 $3.8 | /9 $1.8 $3.9 $1.8 $3.9 $1.8 $3.9 $1.8 $3.9 $1.8 $1.7 $3.8 |
$1.7 $1.6 $3.7 $1.6 $3.7 $1.6 $3.7 $1.4\1 4 1 $2.4 $1.1 |
$1.1 $1.1 $1.1 $2.4 $2.1 $1.1 $2.4 $2.1 $3./4 $3.3 $3.1 | $4.3 $4.3 $4.3 $4.3 $4.1 $5.3 |

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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 15, 2012

Hi Peter, Very good start on it. Honestly I have trouble playing it at that tempo myself. When I play it live I play it a bit slower so don't feel bad about fitting all the notes in at that tempo, it's not easy! My advice is try and learn it and play it at a more relaxed tempo that feels good and comfortable without the track. Duke

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Nov 04, 2012

Hi Duke, here's where I am...

Initially, I tried to play the solo exactly as you showed, but my fingers are too fat and slow to play all the notes in time.  So I simplified it bit.





Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 04, 2012

Hi Mike, Yes Honky Tonk is in a league of its own. Simple yet completely original! Duke 

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 02, 2012

Great one Duke!  There's something magical about the groove of this song and the solo.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's a beautiful thing!

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