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3 Hours Past Midnight

Double Stops & Chord Riffs

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3 Hours Past Midnight > Double Stops & Chord Riffs

Hello Friends, This week we finish up "Three Hours Past Midnight" with some additional solo ideas to add to your arsenal. Then I teach a cool riff double stop chorus that can be used like a horn part behind the last vocal verse. It's a cool riff that can be used in a lot of different applications. Then we learn the end riff and chords with an extra little embellishment to end the song. Have fun with this one, it's a lot of fun! Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
3 Hours Past Midnight
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson

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Background listening: Three Hours Past Midnight

loop @ 1:24 three note riffs

$4.5 $3.3.$2.3.$1.3 $3.5.$2.5.$1.5 | $3./6.$2./6.$1./6 $3./6.$2./6.$1./6 $3./6.$2./6.$1./6 $3.\5.$2.\5.$1.\5 $3.3.$2.3.$1.3 $3.5.$2.5.$1.5 $2.3.$3.3 $4.5 p3 $5.5 |

loop @ 2:20 IV chord riffs

$2.8 $1.6 8 8^vp6 8 6 $2.8p6\3 |
$1./10 13p10 13p10 13p10 13^^ | 13 10 9 8 7 8 7h8p7 $2.8 8 |

loop @ 3:49 run-through of solo 

loop @ 5:10 horn style double stop breakdown (I chord riff shown below)

$3./7.$1./6 $3./7.$1./6 $3.5.$1.5 $1.3h5p3.$3.3h5p3 $4.5.$2.5 $5.5 | $6.3 $3./7.$1./6 $3./7.$1./6 $3.5.$1.5 $1.3h5p3.$3.3h5p3 $4.5.$2.5 $5.5 | $6.3

13th chord is

%4/T.X/X.4/2.5/3.6/1.6/1[G#13] %3/T.X/X.3/2.4/3.5/1.5/1[G13]

loop @ 7:51 run-through of horn style double stops


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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 04, 2013

Hi Scott, without seeing you play it's hard to say. But a lighter touch seems like that may help the issue. Duke 

Scott Nowlan
Scott Nowlan May 04, 2013

Duke.  Do you have any suggestions for playing the three string slides with one finger?  My fingers must be damp because they stick on the strings.  You think as I practice this I might get calluses that will make that smoother?  Maybe a lighter touch? 

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