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Hi Friends, Our final lesson on T-Bone Shuffle contains more solo riffs and ideas. We also work on some shout choruses using a diminished chord bent and repeated in different rhythms to mimic a horn section. These are a great way to do your final chorus of solo. They add a punch that is a perfect ending to a single note solo. I also play three choruses of rhythm for you to play along with until I get a track up.

Have fun! Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
texas blues
Duke Robillard
texas blues
T-Bone Walker
T-Bone Shuffle

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loop @ 1:40 T-Bone / Chuck B. riff


loop @ 4:55 IV chord riff 1

$1.6^ 3 $2.3 $1.6^ 3 $2.3 $1.6^ 3 | $2.3 $1.6^ 3 $2.3 $1.6^ 3 $2.6 3 |


loop @ 5:09 IV chord riff 2

$2.3 3 3 6^ $1.3 5 3 $2.6 3 |


loop @ 5:42 V chord

$1.6^ 3 $2.3 $1.3 $2.6 3 $3.5^ 5 3 $4.5 $3.3 5 3 $5.5 |


loop @ 6:37 shouting chord 1

$4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $2.3 5 | $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $2.3 5 |

loop @ 9:07 shouting chord ending

$2.3 5 | 3 $3.5^ $2.3 $3.5^ $2.3 $3.5^ 5 3 5 3 $4.5 | $3.3h4 $2.3 $1.3 $2.6\5 3 $3.5^ $2.3 3 |


loop @ 10:27 more shout chord ideas


loop @ 14:00 jam track with Duke




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Bruno Mothe
Bruno Mothe Oct 15, 2017

Hi Duke!

I'm Bruno, from Brazil...my first lesson/video here! 

I recorded head and 2 choruses of solo of T-bone Shuffle. On the 2nd chorus, i decided to add a couple of techniques that are not exactly from t-bone style, like vibrato and bigger bends. Would like to get your feedback...
Thank you so much for spending part of your time teaching the blues!

Best Regards!

Ben Jan 08, 2017

 here's one! thanks Duke! 

jean michel
jean michel Jun 24, 2015

Hi Duke !

Here's my best effort to play T Bone Shuffle! It's good to make those videos because they really show you where you need to work, where you are still messy and so on...At a certain point, i've been disturbed by my daughter who asked me I dont know what and I said OK (WHAT DID SHE WANT AFTER ALL ? TAKE MY CREDIT CARD ??). The good is that I kept on playin' those T bone licks without stoppin'...

Now I'm workin' on Pee Wee Crayton stuff...

I'am a little ashamed to show you my interpretation of Honky Tonk because I use a capo to play in F...At almost 70, I dont want to ruin my little finger strechin it like you show on your video.....

Bye and thank you for your teachin ! You're as good as a teacher as you are on your guitar !

Bye !


jean michel
jean michel Jun 24, 2015

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Dec 25, 2014

Hi Duke!

Here's my take on the T-Bone Shuffle. Could be better, but of course it can *always* be better. ;-) But I hope I'm on the right track. It's been a while since you've commented on any of my video uploads, and I'd really value your feedback, especially on my last "I'm Confessin'' one. I've been working very hard, taking your advice about working on my rhythm and timing. Given that, I thought working on T-Bone Walker would be very helpful, considering he's all about phrasing and timing. 

So if you get a chance to view and comment on my video uploads, it would be very much appreciated! Best Regards and Merry Christmas to you and yours. 



Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 21, 2013

Hey Matt, Sounds great! Duke

Matt Levy
Matt Levy Feb 19, 2013


I realize this is Two Bones and a Pick, but it's my approach to a T-Bone song. You've been a huge influence on my playing, so I hope you like it!




marksaurs Jul 08, 2012

the subtle variances are so cool.   They force you to slow down and give each note its turn.  thanks for turning  me on to this different way of approaching a solo!

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