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Blues A Rama

Muddy Waters and Jimmy Rogers - 2nd Chorus

Hello Friends,

This week we look at the second chorus of the Muddy Waters part of Blues a Rama. In the second verse I start with typical double stops on the high E and B strings on the 7th and eighth frets. Sometimes I bend the E and B strings together and sometimes I bend the B string letting open E ring which, in my opinion makes a particularly bluesy sound. One my favorite blue sounds for the key of E actually. There are a few quick pull-offs here that are more reminiscent of Lightin' Hopkins than Muddy here but blending elements of styles is what helps you develop your own sound. After the 4 chord I get back to bending the G string very slight which gives the feeling the it's hard to bend and so a slight out of pitch bend. I am not using heavy strings here. But I am trying to give that impression so as to have that authentic early fifties feeling. Muddy's time was very laid back and behind the beat which helped create that heavy blues sound. I'm sure it was just the way it came out of him and not a conscious thing. I too feel music as Muddy does and also many jazz and blues horn players do. My early exposure to certain blues and jazz players gave me that sense of behind the beat time feel. Of course it doesn't work for everything. There is definitely a time and place for it. Take a new look at this tune which is one of my most liked tunes a lessons.





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Loop 0:00 Practice Loop of Second Chorus Solo


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Loop 1:00 Practice Loop with No Guitar

Loop 2:01 Practice Loop of Intro, First and Second Chorus Solo

Loop 4:05 Practice Loop of Intro, First and Second Chorus Solo with No Guitar



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