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Hi Folks,

Well, this week we have a new tune and its a killer. Its called Judgement Day by Snooky Pryor and I learned this song about 50 years ago. Geez! I have keep it in my repertoire all these years cause it's such a good tune. It also has relevance today also. I recorded it in the late 80's for Rounder on "You Got Me". This week we are learning the main guitar riff on the low strings that moves the song along so well. Although it would be considered a Chicago Blues harp tunes it works well with just guitars also. So check out all the nuances of the rhythm part and get in the groove! I explain and demonstrate a lot of different subtle things you can do here so dig in and lets have some fun.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

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Loop 0:59 Breakdown of Rhythm


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Loop 4:53 Practice Loop of Rhythm

Loop 8:27 Additional Ideas

Loop 17:36 Closing Thoughts





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Jeff LaPorte
Jeff LaPorte Feb 25, 2017

Hey Duke, l am enjoying your lessons. I am participating in my areas local jams here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I am constantly being reminded to try not to play "bar" chords for fear of "muddling" up the mix with the bass. I notice that the majority of your lessons include a lot of the bass line in the chords and the melody or head Leaving out the b and high e. Is this intention to leave that open for the solo . Also l notice the 5 of the chord on the bottom. I have heard you say that this is a nice combination of the 5th and the root note that the bass is playing. Do you think you could expand on this a little more. I have only been participating in the jam seen for about a year and half. Taking a break now hoping to add some of your lessons in the near future. Thanks Jeff.                    Also song suggestion Early in the Morning .

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