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Swingin' the Blues

Passing Chords, Intros and Endings

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Swingin' the Blues > Passing Chords, Intros and Endings

This is the second lesson of Duke Robillard's Swingin' the Blues series of swing guitar lessons. The goal for this series is to transition a player familiar with standard 12 bar blues to more melodic and complex jazzy blues / swing playing. In Lesson 2, Duke continues to build on the foundation established in Lesson 1.  The key topics covered are: 1. passing chords and diminished passing chords 2. quick IV change 3. lead-ins from a half step below or above 4. III-VI-II-V song introduction 5. endings 6. minor chords and 7. connection, listening, groove and improvisation between players and instruments

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 1:21 Breakdown of Passing Chords, Intros and Endings

Loop 7:40 Practice 1 Example


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 11:48 Practice 2 Example

Loop 15:37 Bass Jam Track for Practice 1

Loop 17:03 Bass Jam Track for Practice 2





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Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Sep 19, 2014

A work in progress.


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Sep 19, 2014

Cool Steve!  You make me want to learn it.  

cesar May 28, 2013

One more time,i love the lessons!i feel like the cowboys in the west finding gold!!Hahaha.Thank you for share this stuff with us!!

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Apr 19, 2013

Hi Murray .. thanks for the feedback and sorry for the error.  We will take a look at the chord diagrams and update the lessons on Monday (Apr 22).   Scotland's an absolutely beautiful place and glad you are enjoying Duke's lessons. 

Murray Mackay
Murray Mackay Apr 11, 2013

Hello Duke....thanks for such a speedy response.  I'm writing from the UK so we will be on very different times. i thought I should explain my questions a bit better for you.

I think the Bmaj7 on P 16 lesson 2 Swinging the Blues should maybe be Bbmaj7.

My question about Bb6/G on p20 is; as B6 has G in it anyway  why add it to the chord name and why is it not just a Gmin7.....the fingering is the same.

On p25 I understand E7/Bb but not Ebmin/Gb.....I see no Gb or minor 3rd.

I know this is a bit picky but I'm curious. 

Congratulations on this site....great instruction, easy to use and very interactive. I live in a quiet rural area on the west coast of Scotland, UK and have been wrestling with the swing side of blues for a couple of years now.  Your online tuition has been a big, big help.

Best wishes,


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 10, 2013

Hi Murray, I am about to go onstage now but I will review your question Tomorrow and explain it as best I can. Thanks, Duke 

Murray Mackay
Murray Mackay Apr 10, 2013

Hello....I want to ask a question about some of the chords in this lesson.

I do not understand : Bmaj7 on p16 lesson 2 of Swinging the Blues

                               Bb6/G on P20 ''     ''    ''    ''   ''    ''

How can Eb min/Gb  and  E7/Bb  on p25 of the same lesson have the same fingering and yet be different chords?


Hope you can help me with this......otherwise really enjoying the lesson.



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