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Hi Folks,

This week we are working on the bridge for Honeysuckle Rose. This is a really fun one to play. Something about the 1-4-2-5. It is a very cool progression of to play over and sometimes refered to as the Flying Home bridge. I think the fact that you can play down for the 1 to 4 then up from the 2 to the 5 gives it a special feeling of almost call and response. That's often the way I choose to go with it. Descend for 4 bars then assend for 4 more bars. The last four bars can give a real release feel. I think you'll like the bridge I came up with as you learn it.






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Duke Robillard
Ella Fitzgerald
Honeysuckle Rose

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Solo to Honeysuckle Rose


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Loop 1:25 Breakdown of Solo

Loop 9:00 Improvised Bridge Solo

Loop 9:40 Closing Thoughts





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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jul 10, 2016

Hey Duke! What a great tune this is to play. I feel a whole lot stronger after working on this one; much more in control of my neck vocabulary. I took your advice and listened to a bunch of versions and tried to learn some of the Django licks. Wow! That's insane stuff. But I learned a whole lot from exploring it in different ways. Anyway, there's a few klunkers; I tried to not say "oops!" and just play through them. :-) But I think there's actually some pretty moments too. Hope you like it! Thanks, Bruce

PS. PETER!! Well done, man, well done!!  

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jul 11, 2016

Thanks, Peter! Wouldn't it be great if Duke did a Rockabilly tune? :-) 

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