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Hello Folks, This weeks lesson is all about the early Chicago Blues style in the Key of E. We start by learning a "from the 5" introduction. Then we go over the second guitar rhythm for a slow Chicago blues. We then learn to play a finger style background for a vocal employing the chords, riffs, bass line groves and embellishments like hammer-ons, pull-offs and other typical Chicago blues components and turn arounds. This will be the beginning of several lessons of variations on this style of electric blues. Enjoy and keep the questions and videos coming. Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
key of E
Chicago Blues
Jimmy Rodgers
Muddy Waters

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loop @ 10:22 to practice the turnaround

$6.0 $6.3 $5.0 $5.2 $4.h2 $4.0 $5.2 $5.0 $6.3 $6.0 $4.h2 $6.0 | $5.0 $5.1 $5.2 $4.1.$3.2.$2.0.$1.2 |

loop @ 11:40 to practice the whole intro 

$6.0.$3.7^.$2.8^ | $6.0.$3.7^.$2.8^ $6. 0.$3.7^.$2.8^ $6.0.$3.7^.$2.8^ $6. 0.$3.7^.$2.8^ $6.0.$3.7^.$2.8^ $5.0 $5.1 $5.2.$3.2.$2.0.$1.2 $5.2.$4.1.$3.2 $6.3^ | $5.0.$4.2 $5.0.$2.2^.$1.3^ $5.0.$2.2^.$1.3^ $5. 0.$2.2^.$1.3^ $5.0.$1.0 $2.3p0 $3.2^v $3.0 $4.2 |
$6.0 0 $6.3 $5.0 $5.2 $4.h2 $4.0 $5.2 $5.0h2p0 $6.3 $6.0 $4.h2 $2.0.$1.0 | $5.0 $5.1 $5.2 $6.2 $3.2.$2.0.$1.2 $5.2 $6.3^ | $4.2

loop @ 12:47 to practice the shuffle

loop @ 14:19 top riffs

$5.0 $5.1 $5.2 $6.2 $2.1 $3.2 $6.3 | $6.0 $6.0 $6.0.$3.h1 $1.0 $6.0 $6.0.$2.3 $1.0 $6.3 | $5.0.$4.2 $5.0.$2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$1.0 $2.3 $3./4 $3.\2 $3.0 $4.2 |
$6.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.3.$1.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.3.$1.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.3 $6.0.$3.2^ $3.2^v $3.0 $4.2 | $6.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 $6.0.$2.3.$1.0 $6.0.$2.0.$1.0 |

loop @ 14:19 to practice the top and ending (lesson mixed with run-throughs)



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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 25, 2013

Thank You David! Duke

David Larew
David Larew Mar 22, 2013

Much appreciation Duke!

Thanks for this and all your great lessons.

David Larew

Tom Feb 01, 2013

Tool Bag Boogie...!





Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 09, 2012

Hi Guys .. I tabbed out the key riffs for the lesson.  Let me know if any others catch your ear and I would be happy to loop them and tab them out.  Just let me know the timecodes.  Thanks!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 08, 2012

Hi Thirdwind, I will check on that for you. Thanks, Duke

jasonbarker5 Mar 26, 2012

Thanks for the lesson. I love playing this Chicago stuff in E. The minor variations on such simple stuff is very cool. I wish Little Walter had recorded more guitar parts like the one on Honeybee. 


I really like your tone on this lesson. Is that just an amp, or are you using an overdrive pedal in there? 

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Mar 20, 2012

Hi Duke, today I've practiced more on your lesson....Here's the new video. I start tryin to reproduce the lick you showed us and after I added my new version of Driftin blues which is a tune that I play a lot by myself...I used the same licks and I sing too, so sorry for pronunciation and voice! :) I'm still in trouble with bending and making that 9th chord sound properly...My sound is still dirty! :)


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Mar 20, 2012

Thank you Duke...Most of all it's Corey's merit. We did something really similar in his version of catfish blues. Today I practiced again payin more attention on bending..I'm not very comfortable with it at the moment. Plus I'm not very clean in playin then I decided to cut my nails just to have a more warm sund!!!

I like so much that 9th chord that I become undisciplined...It's only a problem of DNA...I'm latin!!! :DD I'll keep practice on the phrase and hope to see the new lesson soon!!! :)) Ciao!!!!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 20, 2012

Hi Wildwilli, Thanks, there will be lots more on Chicago style blues coming up! Duke

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Mar 20, 2012

Hi Alex, Great job! You're got the feeling and the phrasing happening! Now my only suggesting is that you only use that 9th chord in the position I demonstrated it in. I haven't found another use for it besides using it the last measure before going to the 4 chord because of the way it is voiced. Good work keep it up. There will more coming soon 

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Mar 19, 2012

@Duke...here's my attemp with Chicago blues 1...I love that chord when you put the 9th..Is this the way do I have to call it..I'm ignorant in music theory!! I don't have an electric guitar...just acoustic...It's my lovely Epiphone EL 00 called Ginevra :DD

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