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Hi Folks,

This week we are working on the solo for "Ain't Nobody's Business" and it is a fun tune. It's form is over an 8 bar progression that is a blues with a few more chords. I personally love playing the 8 bar type of blues because it is totally blues in feeling but offers the opportunity to play over a few more chords and opens up different way to approach blues playing. I show you a solo but also some variations of ways to approach it with BB King style single string lines and also double stops to show another style. The diminished chord here can be dealt with a few different ways. After the four chord is the E diminished which you can follow with a blues scale or just play blues riffs with bent notes that work over the diminished chord without sounding like you are playing a diminished scale. Either are good ways to approach it and it is totally what fits your on feeling that makes your own personal interpretation. You should have lots of fun with this and it's a true blues classic dating back to Bessie Smith.





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Duke Robillard
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Ain't Nobody's Business

Backing Track

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Loop 1:17 Run-Through of Solo (First Verse)


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Loop 2:04 Breakdown of Solo (First Verse)

Loop 7:23 2nd Verse Solo Ideas

Loop 10:12 Closing Thoughts






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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Oct 01, 2016

Hey Duke! 

So, I was starting to sing the 2nd verse, and I realized that I was singing the same lyrics as I sang in the 1st. Oops! ;-)

When I was a kid, I used to amuse my family with my impression of Louis Armstrong. You need to picture me as a 12 year old doing this impression. It's done with great affection for Pops, I assure you. :-) My favorite version of this song was always Billie Holiday's, so I was kind of thinking of how Louis might sing it to Billie when I sang it. 

Hope you're well! Thanks for the great lesson and backing track.  It's such a wonderful classic tune. 

Take care!


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