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Ray's Blues

Intro and Rhythm Breakdown

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Ray's Blues > Intro and Rhythm Breakdown

Hello Folks,

This week we are learning a great tune with a great chord progression courtesy Ray Charles. Ray's Blues is a great blues with interesting chords and passing tones. It's the perfect progression to make a jazzy theme or solo over. I'll have a track for you soon.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Slow Blues

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Loop 1:20 Intro and Chord Breakdown

Loop 11:54 Practice Loop of Intro and Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 14:10 Chord Breakdown

Loop 24:16 Closing Thoughts





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charlie Jul 15, 2022

Anyone know the chord variation at 13:26 of the video???

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Apr 06, 2022

Hi Duke,

Here's a take of me fooling around with chords to Ray's Blues. If you ever want to return to this tune and add a few more lessons and a backing track that would be great as there is so much to learn with this cool progression. Thanks for the lesson.
charlie Feb 13, 2022

God this is the real deal! This couldn't be better timed for me! My band line-up is piano, tenor sax, upright bass, drums and me on guitar. We're really trying to explore where/how the guitar can sit in with the sax (as opposed to playing "straight" rhythm). Been listening to a lot of Ray, who didn't use much guitar (apart from when he did : ) and see how we can get try and get close to the GENIUS! Thanks so much! Also, love how you're linking back to Johnny and Oscar Moore - you can really hear Charles Brown in Ray. Love this!!!

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes Feb 12, 2022

Hey, Duke, this is like "Jazzy Blues" in your book "Classic Guitar Styles." Such a great, great groove! (That's a great book, in case some of your students don't already know about it.) I'll add a video soon----Super Bowl and Valentine's Day weekend have me hopping!

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