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Hello Folks,

This week we are starting on a new tune: Jimmy Smith's TNT. I have my own are arrangement of it and I will teach it to you. It's a very fun, slow to medium blues swing. I really love the head and its fun to play. This lesson involves learning the head in Bb. Have fun learning it.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
jazzy blues

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of TNT Head


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:05 Breakdown of TNT Head

Loop 11:24 Slow Practice Loop of TNT Head

Loop 12:50 Closing Thoughts





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Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Aug 03, 2017


Nice to have you back. Looking forward to this. 

Recorded at 100 bps thru my 5F1 (Champ) kit, tho it would be nice to have a touch of reverb.



Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Aug 03, 2017

Pretty playing, Steve, as usual. 

Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Aug 03, 2017

Thanks Bruce, 

Looking forward to the next lesson. 



Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Jul 30, 2017

Hey Duke! Thanks for the new lesson and the great tune! Last night my wife said, "That song you were working on -- did Billy Taylor do that?" and I said I didn't know, that I though it was a JImmy Smith tune. But we looked it up on her Billy Tayor album and there it was, a piano version of TNT. Billy's version is very cool too. 

I think this one is really helping me to get a better understanding of keeping the groove between the beats, and most definitely it is a lot of fun to play! Would love to hear what you think about this effort of mine. 

Thanks, Duke!


PS, here's Billy Taylor's very cool piano version.

Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder Aug 02, 2017

Hey Bruce. Nice. 

The throw on your couch is messing with my mind. 



Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Aug 02, 2017

Hey Steve, thanks a lot! Yeah, that throw is kind of psychedelic. My grandmother made it about 50 years ago, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't on anything except high blood pressure meds. ;-) Take care, Bruce

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 30, 2017

You are welcome everyone, glad you like it. My arrangement makes it very  "guitar friendly" .

Steve H
Steve H Jul 29, 2017

Love Jimmy Smith...

charlie Jul 29, 2017

Awesome!! Thanks Duke

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes Jul 28, 2017

Big Jimmy Smith here. Glad you picked this tune, Duke.

Tom K.
Tom K. Jul 28, 2017

Nice !!!!!!   Great tune .Thanks so much Duke !!

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