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Careless Love

Outro Solo

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Careless Love > Outro Solo

Hello Friends,

This week we are playing the last chorus. Now in the organ solo section there is a low riff I am playing. It's the type of thing that Billy Butler may have played during an organ solo with Bill Doggett. It sort of like a big band section riff behind the solo. Then, as you remember, we modulated to C for the organ solo. Now as we go back to the melody we modulate on more time but this time instead of a whole tone we modulate a half step. This gives a lift and a fresh new sound to lift the track for the final chorus. My approach to the final chorus is to state the melody an octave higher and play around it also so as not to make it the same as the first chorus. I play the melody but play around it also increasing the excitement along with the new key of Db.








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Loop 0:00 Careless Love

Loop 3:47 Breakdown of Organ Solo Rhythm

Loop 5:57 Run-Through of Last Chorus Solo


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Loop 6:50 Breakdown of Last Chorus Solo





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