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3 Hours Past Midnight

Solo Lesson 2

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3 Hours Past Midnight > Solo Lesson 2

This week folks we add some more funky technics to what we have already done. We work on bending whole tones up and down in an even rhythm that gives a springy effect that is really cool. Also we go over using fast blues runs and snapping the strings. We also work on using a burst of out of time notes for emotional effect. All of these techniques are part of Johnny's unique approach to blues guitar and a lot of fun to plays. Enjoy, Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
3 Hours Past Midnight
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson

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Background listening: Three Hours Past Midnight

loop @ 0:23 review solo

### Note: please see last weeks lesson for tab

loop @ 3:20 short bursts of notes

loop @ 3:43 playing in and out of time

loop @ 5:11 Johnny Watson riff

$4.5 $3.3 5 5^ $1.3 $3.5^ $1.3 $3.5^ $1.3 $3.5^ $1.3 $3.5^ $1.3 | $3.5/6\5p3 5 3 $4.5p3 $5.5

loop @ 5:55 review of Johnny Watson ending

### Note: please see last weeks lesson for tab

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stevieboy Nov 01, 2012

Cool!  And Monster Mike is, well, a monster!  Like to get a chance to hear him live sometime.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 01, 2012

Hi Stevieboy, Sure I'll put Lowell's Reconsider Baby on the list. He is one of my favorite blues men! I just recorded a tribute to him and BB king with me playing Lowell and Monster Mike Welsh playing early BB style! 

stevieboy Oct 26, 2012

Thanks for the kind words Duke.  I look forward to each new lesson, always something to learn!

Would you consider Reconsider Baby?  Something about Lowell's soloing in that one that is elusive to me, maybe it's more the rhythmic structure than the actual notes.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Oct 19, 2012

Alright Stevie Boy!! You really got the sound, riffs and groove happening! Really, That was very good and it makes me feel great that these lessons are paying off for people. Good work, Duke

Beaumont35 Oct 15, 2012

Hi Duke,

I'm just writing to say thank you for the treasure trove of licks and phrases you open with each lesson and for all the vast knowledge you are sharing. Having just recently subscribed to Sonic Junction I haven't yet been through all your lessons, but each time I log in its a great experience.

My audio / video equipment doesn't (yet) allow me to record and film myself and then post to this site but be assured that I try out all the good stuff at the jam sessions at my local blues appreciation society and its always a lot of fun!

Thank you for what you're doing and keep 'em coming.


stevieboy Oct 12, 2012

okay here's mine.  sorry about the singing, but I didn't think i could play four choruses!  Plus it's a great style for fills.  I've been singing this as my go to slow blues song at jams, but just kind of played it as generic slow blues.  For some reason never really tried to get JGW's guitar style on it, even though I love it.  Duke did say not to try to be too perfect,a dn that's perfect for me!   Thanks to Duke for the lessons on this one (and all the others.)

stevieboy Oct 12, 2012

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