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I Never Knew

Soloing, B Section

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I Never Knew > Soloing, B Section

Hello Friends, this week we are finishing up I Never Knew by working on soloing on the bridge and last A section. I show examples of lines and riffs for both the bridge and last A. It's a fun song to play and I'm sure you'll be swinging on it before long. On the track we play 4 choruses. The first and last for melody and the two middle choruses for soloing. I am looking forward to hearing you play this one so post some videos please.








Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 1:20 Run-Through of B Section Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 0:40 Breakdown of B Section Solo

Loop 8:51 Closing Thoughts





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 03, 2021

Hi Marty, Great job! I like the two solos on different guitars. Nice contrasts. Good ideas and I thought I heard a line from a Charlie Christian solo on an outakes album. I like the doubled octaves on the hear also. Gives it a bit of a vibes sort of sound. Good going! Duke

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Oct 24, 2021

Hi Duke,

Here's my take on I Never Knew. Thanks for the great lesson and any feedback.
Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 17, 2019

Hey Bruce, Sounds great and I like the "shave and a haircut ending! Duke 

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Apr 17, 2019

Thanks a lot, Duke!! The ending popped in my head at the last minute and I couldn't help myself. ;-)  My goal is to be good enough to do guitar gigs by summer 2020. I'll be living in Bloomington, Indiana by then, so the competition will be a lot less fierce than here in Los Angeles where I live now. Honestly -- how do you think I'm doing towards that goal? Is it realisitic? Thanks Duke! 

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Apr 07, 2019

Hey Duke! Great set of lessons, it's been a fun tune to work on. I feel a lot more confident. Would love to hear what you think about this one. 


And Charlie, nice job! That White Falcon is really beautiful. It must feel like you're driving a Lincoln Continental when you're playing that thing! 

Hope you enjoy my take on this, Duke! Best to you, the Dutchess and Miss Minnie. Bruce

charlie Apr 10, 2019

Thanks Bruce, lovely stuff yourself, really dig those chord things you’re doing.

The Falcon is a beautiful guitar. Haven’t bonded with her yet (almost feels too nice to play, which is my dumb excuse : )

charlie Apr 06, 2019

Hey Duke - thanks (as always) for yet another awesome series of lessons! You're an awesome teacher and I can't thank you enough for the musical doors you continue to open for me! 

Here's my take (complete with family audience in background, hence my sending first rough cut - believe me I was playing like Django while this was uploading ; )

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 17, 2019

Good Job Charlie, Enjoyed it and good to see you going for it on all 3 choruses! Duke 

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