Perry Gray
Perry Gray Apr 10, 2022

Hi Duke!


After a number of years I am finally back for more fun! Thanks for still being here and doin' this.  :)


I have a couple of tune requests ... first up is one of your interpretations ... “Blue Coat Man”. It is such a fun song live. 


Next is more of an open request, up to you really. I have been a Robert Gordon fan since the late seventies. I had read somewhere a while back that you played with Robert for a bit. I have seen him live a number of times primarily with Chris Spedding on guitar and one time with an entirely unfamiliar band. So, I'd be interested in learning a tune that you played with Robert (I know it was a long time ago) and how you approached his style of rockabilly ... perhaps "Black Slacks" would be a really nice one ... it has a bit of a jump kind of feel to it ... if you played that one live. I really love the “rockabilly-inspired” tune that you did with Arlen Roth a ways back, “Housafire”, and I am intrigued by this side of your playing


Anyway happy to be able to get back here and I'm ready to have some fun!!!  




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